About Gremlin

Trends are signposts for the future. Organisations must track them if they want to see" the future and create their preferred futures.

Gremlin is a unique easy-to-use web-based platform for collaborative trendspotting developed by the Foresight Unit of PRAXI Network/FORTH.

With Gremlin you can easily gather and share ideas for trends, weak signals, and other forces of change.

Ask the crowd to help you with your challenge

Are you working on a new challenge? Do you want to scan the horizon or to identify trends to “see” the future? Do you want inspiration to develop a new product or service?

With Gremlin you can easily get help from the crowd, with trendspotting and ideas.


Spot trends and create ideas – together

With Gremlin you can spot and share trends and ideas within organizations or between teams working on a specific project.


The Gremlin platform may be used in various occasions as an internal knowledge sharing tool or as a crowdsourced trendspotting tool for a specific project or challenge.

Check out here some previous application examples:

About & Contact

Gremlin has been developed by the UNESCO Chair on Futures Research, hosted in PRAXI network /FORTH. The UNESCO chair is using the future to help organizations navigate in uncertainty by providing strategic foresight services, teaching the future, and enhancing futures literacy.

If you need more info on Gremlin send us an email